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To the Editor;

I note with some interest that a new Marriott Hotel and Conference Centre is about to begin in Owen Sound.

It is to be a six-story, 100-room hotel with swimming pool and conference centre, with an additional one-story commercial building for six businesses. The total area cited is 7,165 square meters, at a building permit cost of $13 million. This is $1,814 per sq. meter.

Our new library will be 901 square meters based on the footprint of the Foodland building, at a cost of about $7.1 million. This is $7,880 per square meter.

Guess this is the difference between public and private money availability.

Quite a difference.

I wish hotel builders would have been able and willing to bid on our library.

Mike Robertson, Meaford

Editor's Note: While I appreciate the point being made, I would be cautious of direct comparisons of these sorts of projects as we can easily be comparing apples to oranges.

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