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Editor Meaford Independent,

There was a presentation in Thornbury at Citizen's Forum on Tuesday, October 8. I understand there will be another presentation in Meaford on Saturday. There will undoubtedly large, loud, and widespread resistance.

I have no position on this, one way or the other. My intent is simply to help make sure the potential benefits are not ignored or shouted down.

This note was posted this morning on the Facebook page of the Citizen's Forum (Town of Blue Mountains).

Pumped Storage Plant; Cons, Pros and Process

Whatever your position or current thoughts, it will be truly fascinating to see this all unfold.

Why? Because it may put environmentalists on one side of the argument, and those greatly concerned about CO2 emissions on the other!

Environmentalists will be, most understandably, concerned about local effects on the water, and the routing of any associated transmission line. Those concerned about CO2 emissions will see that this project will have potential to significantly reduce electricity-related CO2 emissions by displacing natural gas generation with "stored" generation from CO2-free Hydro, Nuclear, and Renewables.

There is already a group firmly committed to opposing any such project. As things evolve there may emerge another group supporting the project!!

Hopefully the local "process" and "dialogue" will be thorough and respectful, and will find whatever course is best overall.

Of course there may never be a project anyway!! And it remains to be seen whether, with a "smallish" project on (federal?? lands?? and water??) there will be some onerous review process which could bog it down for 10 or 20 years anyway!!

Ron Hartlen, Clarksburg

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