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Dear Editor,

First, let me admit to being a strong proponent of any project that will mitigate global warming and will reduce impacts of climate change. Second, I admit to being fiscally conservative and I know that we have to reduce energy costs and consumption to fix the problems we are making. Third, I am progressive and know that we must change old ways, habits and thinking to deal with energy issues we have.

Two recent items in TMI caught my attention and activated my BS alarm.

Re: Doubts about Two billion trees to be planted..

My first hit on a web search for “commercial tree planting” yielded this link..

One four-row machine can plant up to 20,000 trees per such machine per province could get the job done.

Imagine what 10 machines per province could do ;-)!

Btw, there are scores of companies in Canada that hire lots of human tree planters to re-forest large tracks of clear cut forest.. They work hard planting 2,000 to 4,000 trees per day per person.

Bottom line... two billion trees is doable.

Re: Saving Georgian Bay. Opposing the TC Energy pumped storage project

The proposed TC Energy project is not yet approved and some people are overzealous in their opposition to it without getting the full picture. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about it before the project is approved.

The proposal is essentially to build an electrical energy storage facility. If the country is to meet our climate change goals to reduce global warming, we need projects like this. I confess to being a bit disappointed that it will draw energy from the nuclear plant at the Bruce to pump the water. I suspect that a wind farm could do that job and thus be even more effective. And.. I agree that if grid electrical storage batteries were commercially available that this project may not be necessary.

I will not support small thinking that:

A. Opposes Renewable energy projects that help to mitigate affects of climate change
B. Opposes Reduction of peak electricity generation costs

C. Opposes Increasing regional employment in construction and operations

D. Opposes Increasing growth in local businesses of all sorts during construction and ongoing operations

E. Opposes practical use PUBLIC DND land and shoreline

Woe over fish losses and shoreline views are trivial issues compared to the climate and energy problems that the project will address.

I did find factual details about the project here..

Based upon what I have researched, I totally support the project! I hope it goes forward.

Sir Francis Bacon said it best.

He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils, for time is the greatest innovator.”

Dave MacDougall, Meaford

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