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Dear Editor,

Re: Reader Seeking Representation from Local MPP (September 5, 2019)

I really don't understand why some people are not informed on how this system of government works in Canada.

The federal government has 'Party Whips', a crude term, but it's to whip its members on to vote the 'Party Line' or what the prime minister wants. This is not just for Ford, but Trudeau, Wynne, and a long list of others. How about the 'Principal Secretary', a unelected person who has more input than the leader. MPs and MPPs cannot vote their conscience; if they do, just read about SNC-Lavalin. Where are those two EX-Liberal MPs?

If you really believe MPPs should represent you, that's great, how? I want the MPP to save money, you want the same MPP to spend money. Who does he listen to? But what really irks me about the composer letter, is the reference to a despicable person. Maybe the author should watch a few video clips of the bulldozers plowing bodies into holes in the ground, then that evil person name will never come across another letter.

With sadness I write this letter, because the education system should include how our government really works (or doesn't).

William Elder, Meaford

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