I have a comment concerning your article about New Approach to Infrastructure Needs.

It was interesting to contrast what unelected staff members had to say compared to elected councillors regarding the upcoming $642,347 grant money from the provincial government.

The staff were all for frittering away the money on efficiency studies, on master plans, solar systems and the like, whereas councillors were emphatically in favour of spending it directly on infrastructure needs. The difference comes from council having their ear to the ground, and being downright practical. They know what constituents are demanding and responded accordingly.

Good for them. On a similar note, why do we need another SOTI study so soon? The last one was 2016, which is pretty recent. I would suggest putting that money into infrastructure too. And while we are at it, why are rural bridges so horribly expensive? We are, by and large, talking about relatively small structures. I always find this hard to understand.

David Blackburn, Meaford

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