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Your point about the decline of churches (Rants, Raves & Rumours column, March 14 print edition) is well taken, and by and large it is true.

Although some churches are thriving and growing there is a general indifference across this country to the role of religion in people's lives. The fundamental cause is not hard to find because it echoes the trends throughout history.

When a nation becomes prosperous and well-heeled they become self satisfied and self reliant, deluding themselves that this state of affairs will last forever. But, it is also true that to this day churches provide much needed services to their community which will be sorely missed if they disappear altogether. In addition to the services which are obvious, most of their members feel quietly driven to help their neighbours because it is part of their faith.

I am reminded of the Jimmy Stewart movie It’s A Wonderful Life, which underlines the difference that individuals can make to their community. Still Christianity is not going to die. It is exploding in countries like Africa and many Asian nations, and we can only hope for a revival of interest here.

David Blackburn, Meaford

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