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During election campaigns one of the sentiments frequently expressed by voters is they are not happy with the way the province is being governed. This could refer to any of the three parties who have formed a government during the past 20 years. People want constructive changes that will benefit the citizens of our province and although we don’t see these parties offering any new ideas we continue to vote for the status quo thinking there is no alternative.

Now however there is a viable alternative and that is the Green Party. Elizabeth May, the Leader of the Green Party of Canada, has proven in Ottawa that even one elected representative can be a voice for democracy, an advocate for the environment and a proponent for cooperation in government and civility in politics.

Unlike the blue, red and orange parties which emerge every few years with a new list of unrealistic promises, the Green Party policies are based on ten key values which were defined more than 25 years ago and adopted by Green Parties worldwide. These policies include planning for the future, democratic renewal, community based economies, gender equality and a respect for the natural environment.

We are fortunate in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound to have a candidate, Jenny Parsons, who embraces these values of the Green Party, is passionate about her community, is an advocate for local issues and gives voters a reason to renew their interest and hope in our democratic system.

If we want change then it’s up to us to vote for real change.

Greg Brown, Meaford

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