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To the Gentleman behind me in the grocery store line on Saturday evening, I may never know who you are, but it is important to me to let you know how impacted I was from your act of kindness.

While paying for my groceries last Saturday, I realized my debit card was missing from my wallet; anyone that knows me well would not consider this a rare occurrence. The cashier kindly suspended my order and instructed me to go to the customer service desk with my $112.00 purchases.

I looked through my vehicle and raced home to search jacket pockets and dresser tops. Alas no card. I phoned my husband, knowing he was on his way into town, instructed him to go directly to the grocery store to rescue me.

When I returned to the store the cashier informed me the man behind me in line paid for my groceries. Dumbfounded I explained to her that my husband was on his way and he did in fact have his debit card. She repeated to me that the customer behind me paid for my groceries.

She told me how strongly you felt about doing this and that it seemed very important to you. My initial instinct was to try and find you and repay the money owed. It took me quite some time to get it that you didn’t do this to be repaid; you did this out of the kindness and generosity of your heart. I thank you.

What you did reinforces when teaching our children that we do things for others not to expect things in return, but for the pleasure of doing something kind. I hope this story impacts one other person to pay it forward as I will, and to lead by example in our actions and words. That grocery receipt hangs on our magnet board in our kitchen to remind us to do just that. Again I thank you.


Julie Hawken, Meaford

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