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I was enlightened to read Jim McPhersons' letter regarding the upcoming changes afforded to Municipalities vis-a-vis the placement of cell towers within residential areas.

While the rumour has been out there for quite some time about a proposed Rogers' tower on land leased by Knights Hardware, there has been no proactive information coming from Council that I am aware of. Other potentially contentious matters such as Police services have had large public meetings, and I read that another meeting is being lined up to discuss water tower repairs.

In view of the enormous public outcry about the proposed incinerator that occurred not too long ago, one can only speculate on why the Municipality and Council in particular would let this cell tower issue remain unexamined. I have a few theories about this.

  1. Council and staff were hoping that the Meaford Snow Birds will not fly back until it was approved.

  2. The rest of Meaford is still hibernating.

  3. Rogers is over-confident in its chummy community-minded coverage of Meaford and its citizens.

  4. The Mayor and councillors are hoping to retire in peace before the fall election.

Having had my fun, I strongly urge the Municipality to book a bigger venue for the March 24 meeting(6:30 start).


Kate Belec, Meaford

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