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Support For Improved Facilities For Coyotes Running Club


Last week's letter by head coach Kevin Hooper of the Georgian Bay Coyotes Track Club opens a disturbing view on what is wrong with our society.

Athletics of all kinds should be an integral part of our education system. All-weather track facilities should have been part of the new high school under construction, but so should have been a swimming pool, accessible to the public during non-school hours.

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Support For Coyotes Running Club


I read with shock and not a little disgust about the challenges facing the Coyotes as they struggle to train, especially during the winter months.

What kind of people are these who cuss them out because they have no choice but to run on the roadway? It completely baffles my brain. It seems that that there are always new lows to which people are willing to sink.

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Reader Would Prefer to See Property Proposed for Pumped Storage Facility Turned Into Provincial Park


After attending the second TCE information meeting, described as a town hall meeting (which it wasn't), an idea struck me. With all the animosity and negativity surrounding the proposal, wouldn't it be a wonderful to turn the proposed property into a provincial park!

It would be a tribute to all the property owners whose property was expropriated for the war effort and to all the men and women who sacrificed their lives for their country.

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