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Reader Expresses Support For Home Care Nurses

Dear Editor,

Please ask your readers to remind the government that the nurses who come to your home to help deserve decent pay too. They hold lives in their hands, just like the ones in hospitals.

While I nursed my dying sister, we had to call in a nurse too often. The problem was that it was after midnight and winter weather, and they were in North Bay while we were in Burks Falls. That is an hour drive. One night I had to shovel the drive so the nurse could get in at 3 a.m.

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TC Energy Responds to Letter to the Editor


We would like to respond to concerns raised in the letter that was published on Friday, May 15, written by Mr. Brunow regarding the pumped storage project proposed by TC Energy. In his letter, Mr. Brunow raises several points that we’ve heard over the past year from the community and we would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate how these concerns have been considered in our initial studies.

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TC Energy Says They Are Listening to Resident Concerns

To Mr. Vance,

In February, I wrote to you and the community asking for time and patience as we developed information about the pumped storage project we are proposing to construct on the Meaford Tank Range. Over the past year we have heard from the community and this input has helped shape how we’ve advanced and studied this proposal.

The feedback we have received has been clear. Protection of the environment, the local economy and way of life in Meaford are of utmost importance to its citizens.

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