Resident Frustrations With the State of Our Shoreline Parks Shared by Council

StephenVance 270Meaford residents have been frustrated with the state of two shoreline parks that have been largely inaccessible since last autumn, when strong winds combined with high water levels in the bay dumped yet more rocks and debris into the parks, jeopardizing infrastructure and posing a safety hazard.

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Message From Residents is Clear – Six Stories is Too High

StephenVance 270The message was clear from residents who were able to participate in Monday's virtual public planning meeting, focused on a proposal for a new long-term care centre mixed with retirement housing on the former Meaford Community School property on Cook Street – the proposed development is supported in principle, but the six-storey height of the building is out of the question.

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Virtual Public Planning Meetings Are a Bad Deal For Residents

StephenVance 270Just because something can be done, it doesn't mean that it should be done. In a nutshell, that's how I feel about public planning meetings being held virtually.

It is one thing during a prolonged time of emergency to hold regular council meetings virtually in order to keep the business of the municipality moving along, it is quite another to exclude many members of the public from public planning meetings which are specifically aimed at engaging the public and hearing both support and opposition to a proposal.

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