2020 Just Might be Remembered for All the Things We Couldn't Do

StephenVance 270We in Ontario have been on lock-down for more than two months now, and while we are beginning to see hope of a return to some sense of normal, we also continue to see new announcements of event cancellations. The virus aside, 2020 might very well be remembered for all the things we didn't get to do.

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Mother's Day Will be a Little Different This Year...

StephenVance 270This weekend brings us Mother's Day, and it just might be the strangest Mother's Day we've ever seen. With stay at home and social distancing orders still in place, many will find themselves checking in with Mom via a phone or computer app, while others might pay a visit to Mom's house to say hello through the windows, particularly if Mom or Grandma is in a long-term care centre.

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Virtual Council Meetings Are Great, But They Have Limitations

StephenVance 270As I tuned in to cover council's virtual meeting on Monday afternoon I found myself thankful for some of the technology that exists today, which allows municipal councils to continue to carry out the business of the municipality in the midst of an unprecedented lockdown of public gatherings. But there are limitations, and they are important to note.

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