Recognizing Volunteers For the Fine Work They Do

StephenVance 270I've written before about the importance of volunteers in our community, but with our multi-part series on volunteering opportunities in the Municipality of Meaford concluding in this week's print paper, and with the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner coming up next week, it's a good time to touch on the topic of volunteers again.

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I Refuse to be Part of This Modern Outrage Culture

StephenVance 270It seems as if everyone I talk to these days is outraged about something. Gone are the good old days of simply being frustrated, or even a little angry. In these modern times apparently frustration is not enough – we need to be outraged by whatever bee is in our bonnet. Well, I refuse to be part of the outrage culture.

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The Candidates Are Ready, Let the Fun Begin

StephenVance 270Just as it was looking as if we might not have enough council candidates to even fill the chamber, a flurry of candidate nomination filings in the final days before the July 27 deadline has given Meaford voters much to choose from.

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Proposed 'Boutique Hotel' A Catch-22 For Council

StephenVance 270A proposed 'boutique hotel' in a blended residential and commercial neighbourhood on Boucher Street has put council in a difficult spot.

Residents are concerned that the proposed six unit 'hotel' with no restaurant, and more importantly to residents, no staff on site could cause issues in their neighbourhood.

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