We Elect Our Council to Plan For the Future – Let Them do it

StephenVance 270Over the past week I have fielded some questions from readers about council's recent approval to purchase the former Smith's Tire property on Nelson Street at a cost of $350,000. After explaining that it was simply council and municipal staff planning ahead and anticipating future downtown parking needs, and taking an opportunity in the rare instance that a downtown property suitable for parking is put on the market, the general reaction was a shrugging of the shoulders accompanied by a comment like “Well that makes sense”.

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To Our Retiring Head Scarecrow – Thank You

StephenVance 270After two decades of helping to develop what has become one of Meaford's most anticipated events each year, Head Scarecrow Marilyn Morris has stepped aside, or in her words, she has 'retired' from the Scarecrow Invasion & Family Festival, and I think an expression of gratitude is in order.

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Rookie Councillors Settling in Like Old Hands

StephenVance 270Meaford's newly elected council features two rookies who in the early going appear to be settling in quite nicely to their new positions.

After any municipal election I'm always curious as to how those elected to council for the first time wade into the sometimes crazy world of municipal governance. For me, new faces on council always offer hope – hope for change, hope for a new approach, a hope for fresh ideas.

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Infrastructure Needs Will Guide This Council's Decisions – And That's a Good Thing

StephenVance 270Meaford's council held its first meeting of 2019 on Monday, and it was everything one might expect, and also some of what people might hope for.

As for what one might expect, the meeting was lengthy, and at times frustrating, but if you're looking for some hope, this council appears to be laser-focused on infrastructure and continuing the trend in recent years of pumping as much funding as possible into roads and bridges.

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