Infrastructure Needs Will Guide This Council's Decisions – And That's a Good Thing

StephenVance 270Meaford's council held its first meeting of 2019 on Monday, and it was everything one might expect, and also some of what people might hope for.

As for what one might expect, the meeting was lengthy, and at times frustrating, but if you're looking for some hope, this council appears to be laser-focused on infrastructure and continuing the trend in recent years of pumping as much funding as possible into roads and bridges.

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A Busy Year Ahead

StephenVance 270As one busy year draws to a close, we look toward a busy year to come.

Before looking toward the coming year however, I think we all deserve a bit of a break, and thankfully some days off are on the way.

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First Meeting in the Books For New Council

StephenVance 270Meaford's newly elected council held its first meeting (the pomp and circumstance of the inaugural meeting held last week aside) on December 10, and they sent a message to staff, though if staff is confused by the message they might be forgiven.

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