The Dinosaurs in Our Midst

StephenVance 270Councillor Harley Greenfield told council on Monday that while he acknowledges that our planet's climate is changing, he objects to the suggestion that there is any sort of crisis or emergency. And further, he suggested that we Canadians share none of the blame, and therefore we aren't responsible for cleaning up the mess.

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Ready or Not, Winter Weather is Here

StephenVance 270We might officially be more than a month away from the start of the winter season, but over the past week Mother Nature has made it known – winter starts now.

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Let's Make Our Questions About the Proposed Pumped Storage Facility Matter

StephenVance 270Meaford's council was once again grappling with the proposed pumped storage facility at Meaford's military base. Like many residents, members of council are also concerned about the proposal and they want to learn more about it in spite of constant accusations from some in the community that council hid the proposal from the public.

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