Security Cameras Along Our Waterfront Are Not the Answer

StephenVance 270During Monday's virtual meeting of Council, a motion was brought forward by Councillor Harley Greenfield seeking a report from staff focused on the implications of installing security cameras along the Bayfield Street waterfront in hopes of solving an ongoing issue of reported bad behaviour by some members of the fishing community. I understand the need to solve the problem, but I don't think that security cameras are the answer.

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Council Sends a Clear Message Regarding Proposed Pumped Storage Facility

StephenVance 270Monday's special meeting of Council to discuss the long-awaited municipal report focused on the proposed pumped storage facility at Meaford's Tank Range will hopefully help to dissolve the myth frequently touted on social media that our council is in support of this proposal. Council discussion during the three-hour virtual meeting made clear that Council's views largely align with much of what we have heard from concerned residents over the past several months.

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Municipal Pumped Storage Report the Beginning of a Long Journey

StephenVance 270For those most ardently opposed to the proposed pumped storage facility on the Meaford Tank Range, the recently (and finally) released report to Council which will help form the municipality's official comments on the proposal will no doubt have not gone far enough, though the report makes clear that, from the perspective of the municipality, the only acceptable position is to 'do no harm' to the environment and the community.

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