In Search of Silver Linings

StephenVance 270Recently a friend of mine posted on social media that 2020 has been the worst year in his lifetime, and he went on to share a laundry list of all of the things he felt have been horrible about this strange year. While I couldn't disagree with the post, it did cause me to do some reflection, and to search for some silver linings.

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As Long as Water Levels Remain High, Shoreline Parks Will be a Source of Frustration

StephenVance 270Some windy weather over the weekend offered us a reminder of how vulnerable our shoreline areas are as long as water levels remain high.

During a period of heavy rain the winds kicked up, bringing large waves crashing into Meaford's shoreline. The Bayfield Street area between the museum and Fred Raper Park was once again pummelled by rocks and other debris brought ashore by those waves.

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The End of DND's Commenting Period Could be Just the Beginning

StephenVance 270No matter your stance on the proposed hydroelectric pumped storage facility on Meaford's Tank Range, I think we in this community can all feel a sense of pride with how Meaford residents have responded to the massive proposal.

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