10th Annual Earth Week Memorial Park Clean-up Approaching

StephenVance 270After a long chilly winter, it's been nice to see some occasional bursts of sunshine and slowly rising temperatures in recent weeks. Now that April has arrived, most of the snow is gone (or was until this past weekend), the birds are chirping, and the first dashes of colourful spring blooms have begun to show themselves – and that means it's time for the annual Memorial Park Earth Week clean-up, hosted by the Friends of Memorial Park and The Meaford Independent.

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Get Ready For a Summer of Traffic Frustration (But it Won't Last Forever)

StephenVance 270The signs were posted this week alerting motorists to the pending rehabilitation of the Sykes Street bridge, which will get underway in just a few weeks. While the municipality is forking over the extra cash to ensure that one lane of the bridge remains open during the anticipated 20 weeks of the project, we will no doubt see congestion and frustration. But fear not, it won't last forever.

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Meafordites Have Been Asking For Opportunities to Share Their Thoughts With Council On Major Issues, This Month They Will Have Two Chances to Do So

StephenVance 270When you are in the local news business, there are some things that you hear from readers with a fair degree of regularity: Our taxes are too high, our roads are a mess, all I get for my tax dollars are garbage pickup and the snowplow drives down the road once each day in the winter. But there's something else I often hear from readers: I wish the public had more input on major issues. Well, wish no more because this month Meaford residents will have two opportunities to weigh in on two important issues.

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As Council Grapples With CAO Question, My Opinion Hasn't Changed Much

StephenVance 270Now that Meaford's council has settled in after October's municipal election and they have reached a new milestone – the approval of their first budget – council is about to tackle an issue that they have been putting off until now: whether or not to fill the vacant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) position on the municipal staff roster.

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