Friday, September 21, 2018



Should Council Fill the Soon to be Vacant CAO Position?

StephenVance 540In the wake of the news late last week that Meaford CAO Denyse Morrissey had tendered her resignation, a few readers got in touch to remind me of an editorial I wrote in August of 2015 in which I suggested that the CAO was entering the three to five year window when we could very well expect her to move on to other challenges as so many CAOs seem to do. In that same editorial I also suggested that this municipality could do without a CAO at all, and I still feel that way.

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Winter Can be Beautiful, But Be Safe Out There!

StephenVance 540When I was a kid we were often warned by parents and teachers in the winter months not to be digging tunnels into snowbanks lest they collapse and trap us inside. It was a warning that most of us took seriously, and some 40 years later we really don't hear of very many instances where children have become trapped in snowbanks, and that's a good thing.

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Meaford's Roads Have Been an Absolute Mess

StephenVance 540Have you enjoyed driving around this municipality over the past week or so? I didn't think so, neither have I – our roads have been a mess, navigating side streets has been an exercise in frustration, and the municipality should be embarrassed.

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