Council Gets it Right on Community Grant Process

StephenVance 540Over the years I have badgered this current council as well as the previous council for their messy handling of the annual community grant program, so it's only fair to dedicate some ink when they finally get it right.

In previous years I have highlighted council's seeming inability to follow rules – their own rules, which they put in place for the community grant program. Making matters worse, the community grants have been included as an agenda item for a standard council meeting, tacking three hours or more onto a meeting that would have already lasted a few hours.

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Big Community Clean-up Event This Saturday

StephenVance 540Not to tempt the weather gods, but it would seem that the icy grip of winter has finally been released. The snow has vanished save for a nook and cranny here and there, the sun has been shining and daily temperatures have been inching upward, just in time for this weekend's big community clean-up event on Saturday morning.

If the weather forecast is to be believed, we should see sunny skies and warm(ish) temperatures on Saturday, when organizers are anticipating hundreds of community volunteers turning out to help pick up some trash and spruce up this community.

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Happy Retirement to a Local Radio Legend

StephenVance 540Meaford resident and local radio legend Ross Kentner will sign off after more than half a century on the local radio waves this Friday.

Ross started working for Bayshore Broadcasting 56 years ago, a golden age for radio. He was still in high school when he started volunteering for the station in Owen Sound, and before long he was a full time employee, rising through the ranks over the years, ultimately to become general manager.

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Dear Winter, It's Time For You to Go

StephenVance 540It's the middle of April and we're still in the midst of the winter that refuses to say goodbye. But I'd like to assure Old Man Winter that it's okay, we've had our fill, you can go now, we won't be disappointed.

You're done with this season, Dear Winter. You brought us a white Christmas, and a white New Year. You showed off with your impressive display of a pile of blue ice on our shoreline – some of us marvelled, some of us shrugged.

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