A Tip of the Hat to Parents on Labour Day Weekend

StephenVance 270Now that my offspring are older, the Labour Day long weekend is an enjoyable end of summer break. But as I recall, when my children were younger, Labour Day weekend was a frantic, stressful time.

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Meaford's Urban Core is a Beehive of Activity

StephenVance 270Construction on Meaford's new library has begun, the Sykes Street bridge rehabilitation is more than half complete, and the construction of the new school is about to get underway – the urban core of Meaford is a busy place these days.

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Get to Know Your Members of Council Better – Over Coffee

StephenVance 270In this week's print edition of The Meaford Independent we are kicking off a seven-part series of articles called 'Coffee With a Councillor' (yes, it's true, our print paper often includes special features that do not appear online – support local media and buy a paper, dang it), and I am hoping that our readers get as much out of the articles as I did from doing the interviews and writing them.

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