No Easy Path For Council When it Comes to Short Term Rentals

StephenVance 270The house across the road from you has recently sold, you haven't met your new neighbours, but you've seen some contractor vehicles parked outside, and you assume that the new property owner is doing some renovations before moving in. A few weeks later there are four cars in the driveway, the next week three different cars, and the following weekend a dozen vehicles spilling out of the driveway and onto your road, music is blaring, and the nice house across the road has turned into a party house. Welcome to Airbnb.

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Mayor's Email to TC Energy is a Big Ball of Nothing

StephenVance 270Some in the community have expressed concern about an early email communication between Meaford Mayor Barb Clumpus and a representative from TC Energy, the company hoping to build a pumped storage facility on the Meaford Tank Range, but from my perspective, what some have considered a 'gotcha moment' is a big ball of nothing.

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