Library Budget Overage Presents Challenge For Council

StephenVance 270I have often written that the job of a councillor is a tough, often thankless job that requires those elected to make some difficult decisions, and the awarding of tender for the library project that will push the cost of the project to $7.1 million, $1.6 million more than council had previously approved, is indeed a tough decision.

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Looking Forward to the Council Break in August

StephenVance 270Sitting in the council chamber on Monday afternoon was a little bit like sitting in Grade 11 history class in mid-June with the summer break teasing me from a distance.

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Liability Concerns Are Stealing Our Fun

StephenVance 270In recent months I have seen and heard many complaints by residents directed at council or staff that really should be directed elsewhere, and liability concerns and the insurance industry is a good place to start.

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Another Canada Day is Upon Us

StephenVance 270No matter where you are in this municipality over the coming weekend you are bound to see an abundance of red and white as Meaford joins the rest of this nation to celebrate Canada Day.

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