Happy Birthday to Us & Thank You to Our Readers

StephenVance 270This week The Meaford Independent celebrates its ninth birthday, and we enter our 10th year – how time flies!

When this paper was born in November of 2009, Stephen Harper was our prime minister, Dalton McGuinty was premier of Ontario, and Francis Richardson was mayor of Meaford. It's just nine years, but at times it almost seems an eternity ago.

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Council Deserves Credit For Revisiting Parks Use Bylaw

StephenVance 270It's never easy (or common) for politicians to admit when they have messed up, but when they do, you have to respect it.

A little more than a month after having approved a new parks use bylaw, Meaford's council decided to revisit the language used which caused concern and anger among many residents.

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Technical Issues Highlight the Concerns of Many About Electronic Voting

StephenVance 270Back in April I wrote an editorial suggesting that we might want to reconsider our use of electronic voting for our municipal elections. The system failure with less than two hours before the close of the voting period on Monday resulted in an extension of the voting period by 24 hours, and will no doubt reignite discussion and debate on the topic.

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What is the 'Right Council' For Meaford?

StephenVance 270Monday, October 22 is municipal election day, and I have heard some folks express a desire to see Meaford elect the 'right council' for this municipality. While I agree with the sentiment, I would suggest that in a democracy like ours, whoever is elected on Monday will be the 'right council' for this municipality, as it will be the desire of a majority of voters.

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