Budget Season is Back – Get Involved!

StephenVance 270With their approval of the 2020 municipal budget framework on Monday, budget season has officially arrived. Between now and the end of the year, budgetary issues will dominate the time of staff and council, who are in the unenviable position of trying to balance the wants and needs of the municipality while attempting to minimize the impact on ratepayers.

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What I Learned From the Coffee With a Councillor Series

StephenVance 270In this week's print edition of The Meaford Independent we've published the seventh and final instalment of the Coffee With a Councillor series. While this series of articles has gobbled up a significant amount of my time over the past few months, based on the feedback I've received from readers, I think it was time well spent.

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Citizens Should Voice Opinions to Government, But it's Important to Direct Them to the Right One

StephenVance 270I am all for citizens rallying together in order to voice concerns to government, but you've got to knock on the right door.

A small group of residents is concerned about a proposal to build a hydroelectric project on the military base in Meaford, and they attended council to share their concerns and to ask why Meaford would consider a proposal that those residents fear will bring a host of problems to the municipality. The trouble is, they were knocking on the wrong door.

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Scarecrows Are Invading Bognor This Year, & They Could Invade Your Hamlet Too

StephenVance 270Well, it's over. September has arrived, the kids are back at school, and summertime fun is largely over until next year.  Soon we will see a swarm of scarecrows take over the downtown area, in advance of the coming Scarecrow Invasion & Family Festival. For the first time this year we will also see scarecrows on display in Bognor, as the event expands to our rural areas, and hopefully in the years to come some of our other fine hamlets will also join in the fun.

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