There's No Sugar-Coating it, We Have Rough Times Ahead

StephenVance 270Strap in folks, we are all in for a rough month ahead.

There is no way to sugar-coat the experience we are going to endure, though many with all the the best intentions will attempt to do so, but the reality is this – the next four weeks are likely to be brutal.

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Ontario is on Lock-down – All We Can Do is Make the Best of It

StephenVance 270This week, on this page, I should have been writing about the highly anticipated report from staff to council regarding the proposed pumped storage facility on the Meaford Tank Range, but instead, with no council meeting to attend and with the province on virtual lockdown, that plan changed.

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Like it or Not, COVID-19 is Here

StephenVance 270Thanks to a fast-spreading virus that we can't see, feel, or touch, the entire planet is on edge, and much of it is on lock-down, and likely will be for many weeks to come.

We have literally watched this COVID-19 virus spread across the planet from its origins in China through Asia and Europe, and now it has arrived on our shores. It's not playing favourites: everyone is potentially at risk.

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Sometimes The Wise Solution is Not the Best Solution

StephenVance 270We have all had situations in our lives when we have been torn between what would be the wise, prudent solution to a problem versus the best, most practical solution. Meaford's council found themselves facing such a solution and they opted to pass on a wise solution and instead support the best solution.

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