Virtual Council Meetings Are Great, But They Have Limitations

StephenVance 270As I tuned in to cover council's virtual meeting on Monday afternoon I found myself thankful for some of the technology that exists today, which allows municipal councils to continue to carry out the business of the municipality in the midst of an unprecedented lockdown of public gatherings. But there are limitations, and they are important to note.

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We Need to Be Prepared For a New Normal

StephenVance 270For the past several weeks we have been largely confined to our homes when we are not working at jobs deemed essential, or on trips to the grocery store. Frustrations and anxiety have been growing, and many have been expressing on social media that they can't wait for things to get back to normal – but what will the new normal be?

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Meaford is Still Open For Business

StephenVance 270In the midst of this unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic we are all being bombarded with one scary news story after another, and we have been adjusting to increasing restrictions on our movements. And while many businesses have been ordered by the province to shut down, there are still many that are operating, often under revised conditions – in spite of this virus, Meaford is still open for business.

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