Community is at the Core of All That Council Does

StephenVance 270The time taken to honour Meaford resident Marilyn Morris, better known to many as Meaford's (now retired) Head Scarecrow, before Monday's council meeting served as a reminder that our council deals with much more than budgets and potholes.

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Councillors Have Represented Ratepayers Well During Budget Deliberations

StephenVance 270For the past decade I have sat in Meaford's council chamber for what would amount to hundreds of council meetings, and in that time I've seen it all; from temper tantrums to mind-numbing, far from productive debates, but what I saw in the council chamber on Monday was perhaps the best budget discussion I've seen yet.

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When it Comes to 'Snow Days' We Can Do Better For Our Students

StephenVance 270Given that there was a council meeting scheduled on Monday, I had planned to write about council's final review of the draft budget that was to have taken place, however Mother Nature had other plans, and the council meeting, like most of what was to have taken place in Meaford on Monday, was cancelled.

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Family Day Has Turned Out to be a Nice Winter Break

StephenVance 270I am typically not one to observe, celebrate, or care about holidays of any type or description, and a little over a decade ago, I can recall rolling my eyes when there was talk of introducing a new holiday in February. The last thing I figured we needed was another dang holiday, but I confess, I have grown to like and appreciate the long-weekend in February that we call Family Day.

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