Contestants Announced for 9th Annual Dragons’ Den Meaford

ddlogo270 2The Meaford Chamber of Commerce has announced that the contestants for Dragons’ Den 2017 have been finalized.

Thank you to everyone who prepared a Business Plan and applied to be a contestant. Without the willingness of our contestants to put themselves and their business ideas out there, we wouldn’t have an event! Thank you to everyone for their hard work and allowing us to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey, we wish you all the best of luck!” said the Chamber.

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Dragons For 9th Annual Dragons' Den Meaford Announced

ddlogo270 2What do a Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal winner, a president, a pharmacist, a chief hydration officer, and a banking executive all have in common? Well, one thing at least - they’re the Official Dragons of the 9th Annual Dragons’ Den Meaford.

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Father & Son Move Business From Oakville to Meaford

CanadianPetConnection Lorne Brandon Forder270For decades small rural towns have seen businesses, industry, and even its people pull up stakes to seek greener pastures in larger urban centres, but every now and then it works the other way, as has been the case with Lorne Forder and his son Brandon, who have moved their pet supply business from Oakville, where they operated for a quarter century, to Meaford.

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9th Annual Dragons' Den Meaford Approaching

ddlogo270 2The Meaford Chamber of Commerce will present the 9th annual production of Dragons' Den Meaford on Wednesday, October 25, at Meaford Hall.

This year's event promises to be bigger and even more exciting than ever,” said organizers.

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