muteablearts womens day donation270Mutable ARTS Dance and Aerial Arts Studio has teamed up with fellow local business Meaford IDA Pharmacy to contribute menstrual supplies to women in need. Golden Town Outreach will distribute the supplies through the food bank and other community initiatives.

"As a family-oriented studio, one of our missions is to give back to the community. Women's health and well-being is especially important to us," says Georgie Donais, director of mutable ARTS. "With International Women's Day approaching, we are thrilled to have pulled together this batch of period supplies for donation, with more to come over the next several months."

Mutable ARTS contributions were collected this fall and winter through admission-by-donation social events for students at the studio. IDA Pharmacy has made its own donation of cash and supplies.

"With our ability to purchase menstrual supplies at cost, we're able to make the donations go a lot further," says Rick Lorenz, owner of Meaford IDA Pharmacy. "Being a part of this initiative is a great way for IDA to be involved in the betterment of our community."

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Go With The Flow campaign contributes menstrual supplies to women in need. Local business owners Georgie Donais and Rick Lorenz display materials for donation to Golden Town Outreach.