Friday, September 22, 2017

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Meaford Council News

Meaford Implements Accessibility Recognition Program

accessiblesign angle 270On July 10, Meaford council adopted the Accessibility Recognition Program recommended by the Accessibility Advisory Committee.

To promote greater accessibility and accessibility awareness, the program recognizes individuals, groups, and businesses in the Municipality of Meaford who have taken significant steps to create inclusive environments and to provide exceptional customer services. The seven recognition categories are: education, employment, recreation & culture, customer service, built environment, youth, and other.

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Council Presented with 2016 Year End Audit Report

mfd ops ctr 270At their July 10 meeting, Meaford council was presented with the annual auditor's report of municipal finances, and they heard that 2016 was another good year for the municipality.

Traci Smith of BDO & Company, which conducts the annual audit of Meaford's finances, told council that long-term debt is down, cash on hand along with long and short term investments are up, and the municipality saw an operating surplus of just over $420,000 in 2016.

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OSNGUPL & Meaford Public Library Sign New Three-Year Agreement

osngupl mpl agrmt 270It's been months in the making, but the Meaford Public Library Board and the North Grey Union Public Library board have come to an agreement on a new service contract that ensures continued membership for Sydenham residents, and also opens the door for any Meaford resident who wants to use the Owen Sound library.

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