Thursday, May 25, 2017


Meaford Council News

Council Appoints New Library Board Members After Mass Resignation

library ww 270Meaford's council held a special emergency meeting on Thursday morning (December 15) to appoint four new public library board members after all volunteer board members resigned in the wake of council's decision earlier in the week to bypass the board in an attempt to make an arrangement with Owen Sound's council to continue library services for Sydenham residents for the coming year, and to open membership at the Owen Sound North Grey Union Public Library to all Meaford residents after negotiations between the OSNGUPL board and the Meaford Library board had reached a stalemate.

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Council Proposes Stop-Gap Measure in OSNGUPL-MPL Impasse, Two MPL Board Members Resign

bartley council OSNGUPL270Meaford's council have made an attempt to implement a stop-gap measure which would ensure that Sydenham residents who use the Owen Sound North Grey Union Public Library won't lose their library privileges on January 1, as a result of failed negotiations between the OSNGUPL and Meaford Public Library board that have resulted in the termination of a 10 year service contract with five years still remaining.

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Passionate Plea For Resolution to OSNGUPL-MPL Impasse

syd lib dec 2016 540

After seeing small audiences at their three 2017 municipal budget public engagement sessions in November, Meaford's council finally drew a large crowd to a budget meeting, however only one topic was on the minds of the dozens of residents who filled the council chamber and overflowed into the lobby on December 5 – the Owen Sound North Grey Union Public Library contract.

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2017 Municipal Budget Ready For Public Meeting

councilchamber270Meaford council has given unanimous approval to the final draft of the 2017 municipal budget which will be brought before the public at a statutory public meeting on December 5, before council is expected to give final approval for the budget at their December 12 meeting.

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