Sunday, May 27, 2018


CameronBurechails2016 270If you want to start your season off right, then make sure that all your equipment is ready for your first round of golf in 2017. Preparation is the key to top performance and enjoying your golf this season!

First, start by cleaning out your golf bag. I always do this in the fall to make sure that my clubs are clean and that all my equipment is ready for my next round of golf in the spring.

Check to make sure that all your clubs are in the bag. Have a look at all the grips to see if some need to be replaced. If the grips are shiny and slippery, they should be replaced. Re-gripping your clubs costs just a fraction of what buying new clubs will cost. New grips will make your clubs feel better and help improve your game by reducing your grip pressure. You might also want to protect your clubs by putting personal labels on the shafts of each club. I have my name and phone number on all my clubs, should I accidentally leave one on the course or at the range after a practise round.

A comfortable pair of shoes are a must when you play golf. If your golf shoes are getting old, simply look at replacing them. If you have several pairs of shoes this helps to spread out the wear and increases the lifespan of your golf shoes. Check also to make sure that you are not missing any spikes in your shoes.

Next make sure that you have a couple of good golf gloves to begin your season. Gloves stretch and dry out over time and it is important that, like your grips, your glove is soft and 'sticky'.

A good supply of golf balls is important when you play golf. If you tend to go through a lot of balls each season, you may want to buy them by the dozen. Golf balls are cheaper to buy by the box than by the sleeve, and you don’t want to run out of balls during a round.

Accessories such as tees, ball markers, divot tools, suntan lotion, and lip balm all need to be in your bag to start the season.

If you use GPS or rangefinders on the golf course, make sure that they are charged and ready to go. Always keep your charging equipment with you should your device need to be boosted.

It is always a good idea to be prepared for the weather. I suggest keeping your rain gear in your bag, should the weather change during your next round. Also make sure that you have a clean towel and an umbrella. It is also not a bad idea to keep an extra pair of socks in your bag for emergencies!

To make sure that your body is comfortable during a round of golf, make sure you dress for the weather. Always bring a sweater, jacket, or vest to start your round. When you dress in layers, you can easily remove top layers as you progress through your round and your body 'warms up'. If the weather changes and the temperature cools down, you will always be prepared!

Next Week: Great Expectations this Season

Cameron Burechails (Teaching Professional), The Georgian Bay Golf Academy at Meaford Golf Club (705)441-0865 or

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