Thursday, April 19, 2018


bvconcertband2 270Did you know that local concert bands in Meaford have a history going back to 1875? Pay a visit to the museum and you will find some fascinating photos and information.

In years past, many communities had their own concert band, including Meaford, Thornbury and Collingwood; they were a much loved part of community life. Sadly, these bands faded away in the 70s, but it wasn't long before a small group of musicians got together in the summer of 1990 to form the Beaver Valley Concert Band, to carry on the tradition of band music at strawberry socials, local nursing homes, fall fairs, Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas concerts.

After 20 years under the leadership of Saundra Lake of Clarksburg, Linda Skeries from Collingwood agreed to take on the role of conductor, and the band continued to flourish and grow. Unfortunately a skiing accident this winter has caused Linda to put down the baton and allow for a full recovery.

Concert bands are a great tradition in Canada, with the Oakville Wind Orchestra claiming fame to being the oldest. It was formed in 1866 – making it as old as our country! So with the added inspiration to celebrate our nation’s 150th year, our local band members are committed to finding a new leader and carrying on such a great tradition,” said the organization. “With so many new people moving to the Georgian Triangle, we know there must be talented musicians out there looking for an exciting challenge.”

If you are interested, you can give Kevin Knight a call at 519-375-0941 (Kevin was part of the original Meaford Citizens Band). Or please pass this invite on to the attention of talented friends or family.

Meanwhile the band continues to rehearse and welcome new members. Join others who come from Collingwood, Thornbury, Clarksburg, Meaford, Rocklyn and Eugenia.

The band meets on Monday evenings from 7-9 PM at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Thornbury.


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