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Out of Town Motorist Appreciates Local Kindness

Dear Editor,

While driving on March 18, my vehicle hit a patch of ice on The Blue Mountains Euphrasia Townline where it meets Sideroad 9. Unfortunately, I could not make the turn and I slid over the embankment and hit a small tree.

I'd like to thank everyone who stopped to see if I was OK, in particular the woman who came back around to see if I needed a warm vehicle to wait in while waiting for the tow truck and the OPP. Your kindness was truly appreciated.

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Reader Appreciates Efforts to Grow Meaford's Live Music Scene

Dear Editor,

A big round of applause for Chris Scerri, Bill Monahan, and everyone else responsible for contributing to the growth of live music around our town. The Meaford Live Music page is a great reference for those of us who want to listen to live music at the local restaurants and the Hall. Many people enjoyed the summer Market Square Concerts that provided a venue for our young local performers.

Much gratitude goes out to these local residents, Chris and Bill.

Yours truly,

Lorene Taylor, Meaford

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Schools Crucial to Small Towns


To the Bluewater District School board members:

I hate paying property tax but I would like to support paying a bit more to keep more schools open in more communities.

Most ratepayers think a local school is essential to the survival of small communities.

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