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Reader Offers Personal Experience With Cell Towers

Dear Editor,

My name is Arthur Lake and I live too close to a Bell cell tower at Southcott Pines in Grand Bend. My experience is not encouraging.

A cell tower is a huge investment that completely overwhelms the ability of local residents to resist as an isolated community effort. The amount of money yielded from this investment is considerable and shared enough to persuade those in the community unaware of the health risks to forego normal precautions. People will disregard dangers to young children and newly forming life in order to share in the clear benefits that accrue with a cell tower in one's community. So the problem is intractable. 

There are clear benefits which are immediate and obvious and these are set against the potential losses that are abstract and complex at the very least. The risks are set back in time and are discounted heavily compared with immediate benefits. No less real, the damage over time to individuals from cell towers does exist and has been measured statistically.

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Council Should go Back to the Drawing Board on Policing


No wonder the Municipality of Meaford council is in a dilemma over the choice of policing for this municipality. The whole process was flawed from the beginning and remains so.

What is required is a response to a Request For a Proposal on policing, ie. an RFP.
By writing their own requirements in an RFP the Meaford Council controls the agenda and puts the respondents on a level playing field.

The Owen Sound policing proposal came ‘out of the blue’, unbidden and not formally asked for. A Request For Proposal would outline what is required by the municipality as client. As it is now the parties have to work with surmise, uncertainty, speculation and pseudo comparisons.

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Reader Shares Thoughts on Infrastructure

Dear Editor,

To use frozen water pipes as an example of ‘ageing infrastructure’ is not valid, in my view.

Humans have a lifespan which edges upwards towards 100 years, which makes it difficult for us to form a realistic perception of the changes in climate which have occurred over the 6 billion or so years since our planet was formed. Even the changes over a few thousand years since the last ice age are hard enough to comprehend. There are immense forces  – or more correctly energy transfers – at work in the universe, with a vast number if interactions.

This last winter has seen exceptionally low temperatures in Meaford, so to blame the freezing of pipes on ‘ageing infrastructure’ is hardly a valid connection. Pipes do not generally freeze because they have ‘aged”, but because the temperature has dropped.

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