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Does Meaford Have a History of Listening to the Vocal Minority?


Meaford council approves another financial disaster (new library).

Meaford has a history of listening to the vocal minority (the squeaky wheels get the grease) and making immature economic decisions (Meaford Hall example).

Council is letting the staff run the show and approves their recommendations with little thought or question.

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Reader Offers Thoughts on Library Proposal


You’ve got to be kidding.....

Still numb from figures as high as four million for a simple small town library, I now see an unbelievable seven million guesstimate.

Have we all gone insane? Are there not many better ways to spend this kind of money? Is there not already a library for students in our high school?

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Wireless Water Meters Safer Than Many Devices We Use Daily

Dear Editor:

I write in reply to the October 27 Letter to the Editor entitled 'Concern About New Water Meters'.

The authors have clearly misunderstood the technology employed in the meters about to be installed in Meaford homes. While it is true that the meters will transmit 24/7/365 – they do not transmit continuously 100% of the time. They transmit frequent, short bursts – 7 milliseconds every 14 seconds, adding up to less than 60 seconds over a 24 hour period. That works out to about 0.00007% of the time! To put the duration of the short data bursts into perspective, note that the blink of an eye is typically between 100 and 150 milliseconds. So we are talking about very, very short transmissions emitting very little power – far below the regulatory limit!

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