Thursday, May 24, 2018



I'm Looking For Creative Ideas From Next Year's Council Candidates, What Are You Looking For?

StephenVance 540Enjoy the peace and tranquility of this summer season, because this time next year council candidates will be knocking on doors, showing up at community events, and distributing literature, all in the hopes of capturing your vote in next October's municipal election.

With the next municipal election being held on Monday, October 22, 2018, it might seem far off but it will be here before we know it, and for those considering a run for a council seat next year, now is the time to be mulling the issues and formulating a plan.

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Looking For a Distraction? Build Some Scarecrows!

StephenVance 540It's summertime, and who really wants to read about serious issues when there's fun to be had? Even those of us in the news business tire of reporting serious news in the dog days of summer, so distractions are always welcome at this time of year. Fortunately in Meaford there is plenty to distract us when we want a break from the news, including the upcoming Scarecrow Invasion & Family Festival, for which organizers and volunteers are busy preparing.

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Arenas Are Expensive But Important Public Facilities

StephenVance 540While council meetings are often mired in not-so-sexy issues like zoning bylaws, road repairs, and water meter replacements, much of what council deals with has a direct impact on the daily lives of Meaford residents. At the July 24 meeting, the last meeting before a bit of a summer break, council heard from representatives of Georgian Shores Minor Hockey who were looking for some relief from the fees paid for rental of ice time at Meaford's arena.

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A Teenager's Take on Attending His First Council Meeting

StephenVance 540Ah, summertime. The season most loved by teenagers far and wide. School is out, the beaches and parks are calling, the sound of skateboard wheels clicking across sidewalks is as common as the sounds of birds chirping. What could possibly be better than being a teenager during summer break? Where would a teenager rather be than by the water in July? How about a council meeting?

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