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Meaford Taking a Smart Approach to Vehicle Idling

StephenVance 540With their initial approval of a vehicle idling bylaw, Meaford's council has adopted a smart approach to the issue.

Rather than beating residents over the head with an all-encompassing (and difficult to enforce) bylaw that would prevent the idling of vehicles everywhere, including private driveways and fast-food drive-thrus, council has instead taken a softer approach that will see vehicle idling prohibited on municipal properties,

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Future Councils Could Have Very Different Parking Issues to Deal With

StephenVance 540Meaford's council had a lengthy and lively debate this week about whether to implement a pay for overnight parking system for the relatively few downtown apartment dwellers who own cars, but don't have a parking spot included with their apartments.

All members of council offered their opinions, and asked excellent questions, and there were some valid points raised on all sides of an issue where nobody is exactly wrong in their views.

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Meaford's Blossoming Music Scene Could Help Spur Some Economic Development

StephenVance 540Meaford has a long history in agriculture, so growing things comes as second nature to many in these parts. That growing spirit is clearly contagious as has been seen with recent efforts by members of our community to grow a local music scene and by extension establish some nightlife in this previously quiet little town.

One of the common criticisms I've heard about Meaford since moving here 11 years ago is that there's little to do once the downtown shops lock their doors at the end of the day, and there's no doubt that has been true.

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Best of Luck to Canada's Olympic Team – But I Won't be Watching

StephenVance 540The latest round of the Summer Olympic Games will soon be upon us, and whenever the Olympics roll around I am reminded how fortunate I am to not have cable television.

I axed cable from my life about 20 years ago and I have never regretted it – though I occasionally find myself out of the loop, or not understanding the punchline to a joke when in the company of folks who are discussing the latest and greatest television program, resulting quizzical looks from people who simply can't believe that I have no idea what they are talking about.

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