Thursday, November 23, 2017



Sunshine List Season is on the Horizon – We Need to Adjust the Threshold, or Scrap it

StephenVance 540Sometime later this month articles about Ontario's 'Sunshine List' will once again be splashed across news outlets as the data for last year is published. I'm often asked my thoughts on the Sunshine List: my primary thought is that I wish people didn't get so worked up about it, and my secondary thought is that the Sunshine List is a fairly useless document these days, and it really should be updated or abandoned.

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The Mystery of the Origins of Meaford's Golden Nickname

StephenVance 540Meaford is frequently referred to as 'Golden Town', a nifty nickname that I've been aware of since I moved here in 2005, and though I've often wondered where the name came from, I'd never given it too much thought until recently, when I thought it might be fun to write a story about the origins of the name and how it has been used over the years. I've heard many theories over the years, but I've found that when trying to dig up some hard information that proves any of the theories, that's not so easy.

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When it Comes to Municipal Finances, Give Credit Where Credit is Due

StephenVance 540Our current council, along with the council that served before it, deserve much credit for committing to taking on as little new debt as possible while chipping away at Meaford's long-term debt, which had grown to roughly $10 million at the start of this decade, and actually following through. As of the end of 2016, Meaford's long-term debt totals just shy of $7.4 million, roughly 25 percent of the maximum debt that Meaford is allowed to carry according to provincial rules, and 25 percent less than it was six years ago.

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“Just Two Toonies” Is Just Too Much

StephenVance 540Meaford councillor Shirley Keaveney rightfully questioned the $4 fare for Meaford's municipal transit bus at council this week, and I hope that once council receives a report from staff and they have time to reflect on the fare, they will opt to lower it.

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