Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Optics of 'Value Statement' For New Library Board a Little Blurred

StephenVance 540In the world of municipal politics, optics can be everything. That's why it was somewhat surprising that, before approving the five new library board members at council's Monday meeting, Mayor Barb Clumpus read a prepared statement carrying the title 'A Value Statement regarding Library Services for all residents of the Municipality of Meaford'.

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The Cost of Electricity – a True Catch 22

StephenVance 540If you're a winter hater like me, the term 'January thaw' always sounds so appealing; an oasis in the middle of the winter desert. Until it begins, and then you remember that a January thaw also includes chilly damp air, cold rain, and thawing snow that freezes overnight making roads and sidewalks slippery the next morning.

We've had it all so far this winter. We've had extreme cold, we've had freezing rain, we've had snow, and then more snow, and then a whole lot of snow, and now this week we've had a chilly damp January thaw.

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Regarding the Hospital – It's Appropriate to Be Concerned, But It's Also Important to be Concerned About the Right Things

StephenVance 540One thing we can say with certainty about Meaford residents is that they are passionate, and will fight for their community when necessary. We've seen evidence of this recently with the circulation of a petition aimed at voicing concern that Meaford's hospital could lose its operating room.  The passion of Meaford's residents is one of many things that I love about this town, but as with any passionate individual, from time to time Meaford as a community needs to be reined in.

I've lost count of the number of people I've heard over the past couple of weeks insisting that we must fight for Meaford's hospital because there's talk of closing it – untrue. I've heard many people suggest that the decision has already been made to close Meaford's operating room – in fact one of the petitions I've seen floating around town says that very thing. Also untrue.

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Library Board Fiasco Begs an Important Question

StephenVance 540An important unanswered question in the wake of last week's library board fiasco is just how was council able to prepare a plan after all five volunteer library board members resigned on Monday and Tuesday of last week, execute the plan, then have a bylaw prepared with the names of four people to appoint to the board by Thursday morning, all without any sort of open council meeting?

The CAO says that, “On (Wednesday) December 14, 2016, staff provided our best advice to Council to deal with a very unique and emergency situation regarding the Meaford Public Library.”

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