Sunday, May 28, 2017



Attendance at Municipal Budget Public Input Session Low This Year – Why?

StephenVance 540Remember when public input sessions for municipal budgets would see turnouts of 150 (mostly angry) residents or more? My, how things have changed – but why?

Three public input sessions for the 2017 municipal budget were held last week in Annan, Bognor, and at the Riverside Community Centre, and none of the three meetings managed to attract even 20 residents. Just nine attended the meeting in Annan, ten at the Riverside Community Centre, and while there were more residents at the Wednesday night meeting in Bognor, still only about 15 residents turned out. Even when the draft budget was first presented to council a few weeks ago, there was not a single resident in the council chamber.

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Seven Years: A Thank You to Our Readers

StephenVance 540In a couple of weeks this little community newspaper turns seven years old. While I would normally wait until closer to our actual birthday to thank our readers, these days November is smack dab in the middle of municipal budget season (anyone remember when Meaford's municipal budget season was in March? My, how some things have improved), so I thought I would pass along a thank you to our readers a little early this year.

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Enjoy Next Year's 'Small' Property Tax Increase, They'll Only Grow From Here

StephenVance 540I've covered municipal politics in this town for long enough to know that the relatively small property tax increase of three percent (with proposed budget enhancements included) will infuriate some folks, it will anger some others, and while most people will simply shrug their shoulders and cough up the extra fifty bucks next year, there will also be some for whom even that small an increase will hurt – but enjoy this one while you can because I can only see the annual rate increases growing in the years to come.

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