Thursday, November 23, 2017



All The Quacking Aside, Should We Really Give a Duck?

StephenVance 540Over the past few weeks we've all been reading and hearing a lot about a giant inflatable duck that is sure to feature prominently in the upcoming Canada 150 celebrations. While there is most certainly support for the duck, in spite of its $200,000 rental fee, $121,000 of which is being funded (sort of) through a provincial grant, much of the discussion, particularly on talk radio stations has focused on what many believe is an outrageous use of public funds. To that I say, who really gives a duck?

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A Huge Thank You to Our Volunteer Organizations & Service Clubs

StephenVance 540Most of us have a healthy appreciation for local volunteers and service clubs, but it can be easy to take their contribution to the community for granted, and to forget just how much these folks actually do.

I was reminded of this after Monday's council meeting, when I was handed a piece of paper listing some 31 projects, initiatives, and fellow community groups that Meaford's Kinsmen Club alone has contributed their efforts to over the past 65 years.

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Affordable Housing is a Challenge Today, and Will be in the Future

StephenVance 540I frequently hear people comment about the lack of affordable housing in Meaford, and there's no doubt that if you're trying to find an affordable apartment or house to rent in this town, you've got your work cut out for you.

To address the problem, we must first understand the problem, and if you talk to people about 'affordable housing' you'll quickly learn that the term means different things to different people.

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Sidewalk Removals Just Make Sense

StephenVance 540As much as I focus a lot of my time (and ink) on infrastructure issues, like many, in spite of the fact that my feet tromp on them each and every day, I often overlook sidewalk infrastructure.

Like much of our infrastructure, many of our sidewalks were installed decades ago, and some of those old sidewalks are now crumbling and in need of repair or replacement. As with other infrastructure like roads and bridges, given the massive work ahead along with limited funds, municipal governments will at times need to make some tough decisions when it comes to sidewalks.

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