Saturday, February 17, 2018



You Can't Beat Mother Nature

StephenVance 540When the rain and wind started early last Friday afternoon my first thought was 'here we go again, it's going to be another chilly and damp Scarecrow Invasion'. While I wasn't looking forward to standing out in the cold and rain to take photos of the parade as I'd done several times before, it wouldn't be the Scarecrow Invasion if the elements didn't come into play in some way, so I was prepared for what was to come – then the walnuts from the tree next door started banging off my kitchen windows.

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If The Community is Willing to Spend the Extra Money, How Can Council Say No?

StephenVance 540When you write and publish for public consumption opinions on local issues, you do so knowing that you'll never have the agreement of all, and from time to time you will annoy many. So I write the following knowing that my view on the library location issue is contrary to the apparent will of the residents of Meaford and that's not a necessarily a bad thing, because I'm a firm believer in the concept of majority rule, and if the community wants a new library located in the former Foodland building, then I support that, even if I don't agree. We should take some time to consider some realities however.

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The Challenge of Growing Economic Development Opportunities in a Small Town

StephenVance 540Like any small town, it's always interesting to discover how people ended up here. In the dozen years I've lived in Meaford, “what brought you to Meaford?” or, “how did you end up here?” have been common questions posed to me when meeting people for the first time, and I tend to ask similar questions myself. One answer to such questions that I can't say I've heard is “I came here for a job”.

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We Can't Have Our Cake & Eat it Too

StephenVance 540I can already hear the complaints of frustration. Four percent? Really? Our taxes are already too high. Ratepayers aren't wrong, even councillors and municipal management acknowledge that we're on the razor's edge of affordability when it comes to all the various levels of taxation we must dig into our pockets for. On the other hand, those same councillors and municipal managers aren't wrong when they say that we're in deep trouble on the infrastructure front, and the money to fund the badly needed repair and rehabilitation of our aging and crumbling roads and bridges has to come from somewhere – or does it?

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